Progressively Procrastinating.

I dunno why but I kept on doing the same thing since highschool.Β 

I always suck on the first few weeks of the start of the term.

I always procrastinate on the first few weeks of the term.

I force myself in doing assignments.

I am completely lazy as fck.

I sleep late.

I go to school late. (well that’s my thing this term. I was always early when I was a freshie in college. *NOT)

but things change when I started to “enjoy”the term. and by enjoy, I mean really enjoy and having fun STUDYING. A-CA believe it. lol

It’s like a progression or something. I dunno if I’m going to be happy with it or not. is bad to suck at first or is it okay to suck at first? anyways, I hate the reality of first impressions on a person, maybe I should start mixing up a little or be consistent on the “very studiously creative Bryan” from start to end. Lets see.


I did this blog 2:35am right after my assignment due tomorrow.(the procrastination spirit reeks). now time to sleep. class at 1pm. :3 ciao. ☺